Student Interest Groups
The ACM has several Student Interest Groups to get involved with:
Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition - State Qualifing Team

Cyber Defense

Cyber Defense is our SIG dedicated to cyber security. We discuss security topics, host hands-on training, and participate in competitions.

Tux the Linux Penguin


SLUG is our Student Linux User Group. Meetings focus on spreading the gospel of Linux, learning something new, and getting a little nerdy.

Game Dev!

Game Dev

Game Development is our SIG to learn how to make games! This is a fun club to get started in game programming, game design, game art, or advance your skills.



Hacking SIG is not about cyber hacking. If you want to learn about electronics, hackathons, or sometimes just use hardware or software for their unintended purposes.

Student Linux User Group (SLUG): Linux runs the supercomputers and servers of our society. Student Linux User Group (SLUG) is where we discuss Linux and the Free and Open Source Software used with it.
Cyber Defense: We go over topics such as hardening Linux and Windows, best computer practices, and Over the Wire exercises. One of our main focuses is the CCDC team competition. The team competes as a blue team defending a network of systems against a group of professional red team players. In 2021 the team placed 1st at state qualifiers and 4th in the region.
Game Development: In our meetings we help each other code, design, and create to learn the game development process and hopefully have a fun project to show for it.
Hacking: You probably think that we are the people you don’t want touching your computers or networks. But really we’re the kinds of people that made your computers and networks possible. From hardware to software and everything in between, we take bits from here and there and put them together to make the greatest of things possible. Also we do hackathons and workshops. Hardware Hacking, Software hacking, everything in between hacking… We make our ideas and dreams realities with computers and bring those realities to the wonderful forum of everyone else who is doing the same kinds of things. We go to hackathons (which are 24-36 hour events of dream -> reality) we do hack days(same thing, but 12 hours) and we spend time learning and discussing methods for all of these things, including doing things like workshops and seminars on the infinite possibilities of hacking.